Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Festival Round-Up

Something extraordinary happened in Picton one cold and windy night last November. Hundreds of people, young and old and in-between, emerged from the darkness to parade through our small town. 

Photo: Emily Mountney-Lessard/The Intelligencer
They proudly held aloft lanterns they'd made with their own hands at one of our workshops over the previous month. Some revelers were draped in twinkling lights; others were dressed like Spider-Man or walking on stilts. 

Photo: Emily Mountney-Lessard/The Intelligencer
Following behind a giant puppet, we paraded down Main Street, smiling at familiar faces and in sheer amazement of each other.

Photo: Phil Norton
We arrived at the Crystal Palace, the architectural jewel of our town; she was lit up and shining bright, like the biggest lantern of them all.

Photo: Ramesh Pooran
Making our way inside, the crowd discovered the building transformed into a magical wonderland; a flock of white birds was frozen mid-flight overhead, a wide-eyed owl hung above the stage; a giant pink tent lit with black lights welcomed kids with colouring and crafts. We admired each others' costumes and lanterns.

Photo: Ramesh Pooran
And then the performances began. Our local rock stars D’Ari Lisle and Mel Larkin took the stage first with their sweet and groovy sounds. We were so proud to showcase such amazing homegrown talent.

Photo - Michael Lindon
Next up was a reprise of our shadow puppetry play inspired by a local legend, The Monster of Lake on the Mountain.

Photo: Marc Keelan-Bishop
Finally, The Lemon Bucket Orkestra took the stage and proceeded to blow everyone away with their sheer awesomeness. They describe themselves as a “Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk-Super Band,” and they won the audience over immediately. 

Photo: Michael Lindon
What made their performance so special was they included all of us in it, leading us through energetic folk dances and a having us all sing along.

Photo: Ramesh Pooran
I am not exaggerating when I say this was one of the best nights of my life.

Photo: Emily Mountney-Lessard/The Intelligencer
Thank you to all who helped make our second festival happen; such a spectacular evening is only possible with the hearts and hands of many.

The next Firelight Lantern Festival will take place November 14, 2015. If you want to get involved or keep informed about workshops, you can subscribe to this blog, join our Facebook page, or email me at krista(at)smallpondarts.ca